AeroFS Release Notes


  • Fix failure to list shared folders on the web interface
  • Fix OVA compatibility issue with ESX 6.5 environment


  • Fix rare scan failure resulting in no-sync issues


  • Faster initial install of desktop client
  • Improved support for macOS Sierra and High Sierra 
  • Added progress bar to display status of client initial install and subsequent updates
  • Reduced size of the appliance by 400mb
  • Reduced appliance memory usage for deployments not using SAML/OpenID
  • Fix bug where a client-deleted shared folder is incorrectly recreated due to a race condition 


  • Improvements to reduce memory usage
  • Fix bug where Windows Team Server fails to create a shared folder whose name contains a Windows-forbidden character


  • Fix bad mysql permissions causing failed upgrade to version 1.4.37
  • Add improved support for UTF-8 (i.e. emojis and other Unicode characters)


  • Add support for desktop clients on macOS High Sierra


  • Fix bug where clients with versions prior to 1.3.0 are unable to upgrade to latest versions due to mishandled name conflicts during conversion


  • Added ability to have a web-only experience so users do not have to first download a desktop client to use AeroFS
  • Proper handling of 4-bytes UTF-8 characters across backup/restore


  • Fix bug in Team Server block storage that may cause a crash loop


  • Fix persistent no-sync caused by read-only files or folders


  • Fix bug in Team Server block storage that may cause a crash


  • Fix bug where users are unable to sign into the web interface
  • Fix bug where a shared folder may not sync after moving a file into the root AeroFS folder


  • Remove analytics page from web admin interface
  • Fix rare bug where files may not sync across devices after files are moved between shared folders


  • Fix bug where a user’s personal folders may not sync across devices after sharing a selectively un-synced or deleted folder



  • Fix bug where clients may crash due to repeated failed transfer requests for files that no longer exist in the system


  • Add support on Windows for shared folder names with a trailing space or dot
  • Add support for desktop clients on macOS Sierra


  • Fix bug where a Team Server may get stuck in a crash loop if a file is uploaded to the Team Server and the parent folder of the uploaded file is shared before the appliance learns of the file upload


  • Fix occasional delay in file upload of up to 3 seconds
  • Fix occasional 401 unauthorized errors when downloading/uploading a file in the web interface
  • Fix bug where file uploads in AeroFS web interface using Internet Explorer 11 would fail
  • Fix bug where a race between joining a shared folder and updating a desktop client could result in the creation of a duplicate shared folder
  • Fix bug where virtual machine appliance console can fail to load after appliance reboot. To take advantage of this bug fix, upgrade via the manual upgrade process


  • Fix bug where the Team Server can fail to sync after an upgrade from 1.2.18 or prior to 1.3.0 or newer due to a crash loop
  • Fix bug where OS X menu bar icon rendered incorrectly while syncing files


  • Improvements to appliance log collection
  • Fix bug in the desktop client sign-in user interface when using SAML integration


  • Fix regression introduced in 1.4.6 that prevents configuration of LDAP integration


  • Add support for SAML as an external identity provider


  • Fix regression where the audit service didn't send an event when deleting a user via the web interface
  • Fix bug where moving a shared folder via the web interface or mobile apps could cause database corruption


  • Fix bug where users cannot remove shared folder members via the web UI
  • Fix regression where submitting client logs to AeroFS Support would fail


  • Desktop client installer is more resilient to network failure
  • Fix regression where the Windows desktop client would trigger a firewall prompt upon startup due to the client updater using a different directory for the update each startup


  • Reduced "repackaging" step of the appliance setup/manual upgrade from ~120s to ~20s
  • Fix bug in in-place upgrade functionality that could prevent an appliance from restarting when newer versions of AeroFS are available on the Docker registry


  • Removed desktop client support for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7
  • Removed support for DIGEST-MD5 and NTLM SMTP authentication mechanisms
  • Reduced appliance image size by about 500Mb
  • Improved desktop client auto-updater. Updating from 1.3.18 to any future version will be faster, consume less network bandwidth and put less load on appliance
  • Enabled auto-update in MSI installers
  • Fix regression introduced in 1.3.11 where an appliance fails to boot due to improperly handled SMTP settings
  • Fix regression where versions prior to 1.3.0 are unable to upgrade to versions newer than 1.3.0 due to a misordered task during database migration


  • Public API service routes content requests preferentially to online devices that have synced the most recent version of the files/folders requested


  • Fix regression that prevented sharing a new folder via the web interface due to a faulty API route


  • Add helpful error message when an admin tries to exit maintenance mode and their license is expired
  • Fix bug where admins cannot change shared folder permissions unless they are a member of the folder
  • Fix bug in IP discovery over SSMP where a client may establish a connection to itself which causes it to go offline


  • Add ability for admins to automatically upload appliance logs to AeroFS Support from the admin web interface
  • Fix regression introduced in 1.3.0 that caused web interface to not list files in Safari


Note: upgrade to 1.3.0 requires a migration step that will cause desktop clients to be offline for several hours. Contact us for more information.

  • Improved conflict handling and significant performance improvements to the file sync backend
  • Use Notification Center on Mac OS X 10.8+
  • Speed up database migrations that might cause appliance launch failure on slow hardware


  • Offline access to cached files on mobile
  • User and shared folder search enhancements
  • Fix regression introduced in 1.2.15 that caused public links within the link sharing web interface to prompt for a password


  • Add ability to share new folders from the web interface
  • Add warning message when closing browser window or tab during file upload
  • Improve error messages in the group modification interface
  • Fix glibc DNS vulnerability
  • Fix bug where memory leak would cause large file upload to consistently fail in IE, and to occasionally fail in Chrome
  • Fix bug where backup file download fails when an appliance with version 1.2.9 or older previously upgraded to 1.2.10 or 1.2.13 using the in-place upgrade functionality
  • Fix regression introduced in 1.2.10 that caused the link sharing web interface to not list files


  • Reduced appliance VM size by another 16% by trimming unnecessary dependencies from various microservices
  • IP discovery now occurs over SSMP, resulting in more frequent syncing via the LAN transport (e.g. across subnets), lower overhead in the desktop client, and removal of the desktop client's (optional) dependency on TCP multicast
  • Add dark theme logos for Mac
  • Add ability to restrict inviting new users to join AeroFS to team admins only
  • System status monitoring endpoint returns a 500 error code when an error condition is encountered
  • Fix bug where desktop client would display a popup error on system restart when unable to resolve appliance hostname


  • Reduced appliance VM size by 20% by trimming unnecessary dependencies from various microservices
  • Add ability to download appliance logs from the appliance console
  • Fix bug where files don't sync to the Team Server due to a race condition when sharing a folder
  • Fix bug where web sign-in's are incorrectly logged as a `` event in auditing logs


  • Display license details after updating license in appliance setup
  • Add ability to configure range of inbound ports for connections between desktop clients to facilitate LAN sync
  • QCow2 appliance image is glance compatible
  • Fix bug where usernames with characters needing html-escaping are incorrectly displayed
  • Fix bug where Asian characters in filenames are incorrectly displayed on web and mobile
  • Fix bug where the client updater does not throw an error message when there is a failure to download the new installer
  • Fix bug where the client dies when incorrectly thinking that a long process is in a deadlock when it's actually still working to complete
  • Fix bugs where in-place upgrade flow does not properly prepare desktop client packages for download, does not download large backup files, and hangs on step 3 until the page is refreshed


  • Add link to support article on warning message that appears when changing appliance hostname
  • Remind LDAP users via email that their account is managed externally when trying to reset password
  • Fix text highlighting on appliance setup page and web interface
  • Fix bug that required a Team Server restart in order for some new users without a desktop client to view files via the web
  • Fix bug where admins receive an error when trying to rejoin shared folder on behalf of another user
  • Fix bug where link sharing glyph doesn't appear in web interface due to a race condition
  • Fix bug where congested network might cause large API upload to be incorrectly aborted due to overly aggressive timeouts


  • AeroFS API version 1.3 released, which includes endpoints for two-factor authorization, group sharing, device management, and shared folder management
  • Switched to Go 1.5.3 for TLS security vulnerability
  • New branding on AeroFS Windows installer executable
  • Add probe to monitor appliance's disk space and display the information on the system status page
  • Add ability for admins to configure frequency of AD/LDAP group sync
  • Add file upload capability on the AeroFS for MobileIron app for iOS
  • Fix bug where transient failure would render the desktop client unable to serve API requests due to gson issue triggered by concurrent serialization tasks
  • Fix bug where quickly growing appliance logs are not rotated correctly
  • Fix bug where large file download fails to start in IE 10 and 11
  • Fix bug where the browser hangs when navigating to a password-protected link in IE 9, 10, and 11
  • Fix bug where paginated view would not update upon deleting a shared folder from the web interface
  • Fix bug where AeroFS shuts down uncleanly when system is rebooting


  • In-place upgrades for automatic upgrades of the AeroFS appliance
  • New users page on
  • Updated tray icon for Windows for improved visibility
  • Remove Organization ID from audit service (field is obsolete)
  • Add scope to web OAuth portal
  • New wording in signup emails
  • Fix a broken link in organization invite email
  • Fix broken links in footer of the licensing interface
  • Fix example usage of SharedFolder create route in v1.1 and v1.2 of the public AeroFS API
  • Fix bug where unlink would lead to a corruption of the local database in the AeroFS desktop client


  • Fix bug where appliance setup wizard closes when area surrounding wizard is clicked


  • Mobile client tokens include access control list scope, for shared folder management


  • AeroFS Attachment Mangager for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013
  • Fix bug where large file upload via web interface fails
  • Fix bug where DNS nameservers do not reset when network settings are switched to DHCP after a static IP is set
  • Fix bug in desktop client on OS X El Capitan where the AeroFS context menu does not show up when an AeroFS file is right-clicked


  • AeroFS Attachment Mangager for Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Add ability to allow open sign up to let users join without receiving an explicit invitation
  • Update language on banner customization screen
  • Fix bug where large file downloaded via shared link fails
  • Fix bug where database backup script fails due to cached HTTP response


  • New branding


  • Add basic white label support with logo customization for the AeroFS Business version
  • Enhancement to pending invitations web interface (current number of invitations is now displayed in the sidebar)
  • Fix bug in conflict resolution workflow where local file content is deleted when user chooses to resolve the file conflict by saving the local file with the same name
  • Fix bug where user cannot get past the Browser Certificate step of the appliance setup when trying to upgrade from a Legacy AeroFS appliance (version 1.0.19 and older) to a new AeroFS appliance


  • Emails are no longer sent to users when joining AeroFS groups as a result of LDAP group sync
  • Appliance setup validates that the hostname entered matches CN on the provided certificate
  • UI enhancements to the invited users section of the web interface
  • Fix bug where web page doesn't refresh upon syncing LDAP groups
  • Fix bug where externally managed users that are invited to the AeroFS do not appear in "invited users" list on the web interface
  • Fix bug in groups list pagination
  • Fix bug where locally managed accounts are unable to sign in to the web when the appliance is configured to use LDAP and the downstream LDAP server is offline


  • Add ability for administrators to make "sign in required" a default option for future secure link creation
  • Add ability for administrators to require externally managed users to be invited to use AeroFS
  • Add ability to download appliance backup file via scripting utilities for disaster recovery (functionality compliments our standard high availability configuration)
  • Enhancements to the user pagination component in the web interface
  • Updated copy on the sign in page when LDAP integration is enabled
  • Fix bug in appliance setup where appliance incorrectly thinks setup is done if the browser tab is closed during the reboot step of the setup wizard


  • Add ability to search for shared folders by name from the web interface
  • Fix regression bug causing launch failures with clients that were installed prior to April 1, 2014


  • New licensing page in the web interface for improved license quota management functionality
  • Add ability to search for users by first/last name and email address from the web interface
  • Appliance setup flow mentions that ports 80 and 443 need to be open for web browser access


  • Add ability to enforce restrictions on passwords, such as expiry after a time interval and minimum password length


  • Add ability to share file links with only internal team members


  • Fix bug in static IP and DNS network configuration
  • Fix bug where clients cannot authenticate with the administrative server when an old appliance backup file is used


  • Fix bug in deleting group shares from Web interface


  • Enhancements to allow shared folders with trailing spaces on Windows devices
  • Fix license upload redirect error when incorrect license is uploaded


  • Add ability to disable LAN sync from Appliance Management Interface
  • Fix bug in Team Server probe
  • Fix bug in restoring appliance from a large backup file
  • Fix bug in enabling device restriction


  • Enhancements to Team Server sharding functionality
  • Enhancements to maintenance operations page
  • White Labeling: text banner customization
  • Fix bug in OpenID module


  • VHD download for Hyper-V installation


  • Fix pagination bug on user management page


  • Fix bug in updater that caused very old desktop clients to be unable to automatically upgrade
  • Fix bug in shared folder management interface that prevents user from rejoining a folder they were invited to via a group



  • Fix bug in Team Server that causes relay transfer lockup


  • Fix issue causing isolated no-sync for new members who are added to a large shared folder



  • Desktop client log message improvements
  • Fix bug in version propagation leading to isolated no-sync


  • Fix regression in relay server causing client lockup


  • Add UI for OpenStack Swift keystone integration


  • Fix regression in group sharing Web UI


  • Add UI for OpenStack Swift integration (basic auth only; Keystone UI coming soon)
  • Fix regression in S3 setup on Linux
  • Fix bug in the auditor where the service would fail to reconnect in certain conditions if using an SSL connection to the downstream service


  • Fix bug in Windows upgrade path
  • Improve support debugging tools


  • Contact import feature (for auto-complete)
  • Fix bug in mobile authorization QR code scanner


  • Fix memory leak in administrative server



  • Enhancements to appliance disaster recovery features


  • Updated about dialog
  • Add API section to the user settings page
  • Link sharing on desktop


  • Fix bug in LDAP group syncing module
  • Fix bug in Team Server sharding logic



  • Fix minor web interface bugs





  • Disabled SSL 3.0 compatibility in response to POODLE attack


  • Fix bug where AeroFS Mac application was not recognized by latest OS X versions


  • AeroFS OS X Yosemite Icons




  • Performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Log collection fixes
  • Removed Java dependency on Linux


  • Log collection improvements for Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • Scalability improvements when deleting folders with > 1,000 files
  • Fix header injection vulnerability


  • Two-factor authorization
  • Ability to rejoin left folders on the web
  • Support inheritance and preservation of local Windows discretionary access control lists when updates are received from a remote peer



  • Networking improvements


  • Improvements to the web interface


  • Normalized timestamps on Private Cloud audit messages


  • Add support for canary builds in Hybrid Cloud


  • iOS support for Hybrid Cloud



  • New Tray Icons for OS X Retina displays


  • Removed Java dependency on OS X



  • iOS support for Private Cloud
  • Allow IP addresses to be used in place of hostname on the AeroFS Appliance


  • New Tray Icon Images on OS X and Windows


  • Improvements to desktop clients and Team Server stability
  • Improvements to WAN transfer stability


  • Add user settings page
  • Remove user first name and last name from Preferences on the AeroFS Client
  • added a custom icon for AeroFS in the Finder sidebar
  • General network performance improvements (especially for WAN transfers)
  • Added activity history and IP logging for device installations


  • Added a new conflict resolution dialog
  • Better unsyncable files dialog for Windows users with illegal file name characters
  • Unify terminology within AeroFS (teams are now organizations, members are users)
  • Improvements to the AeroFS Appliance setup interface


  • Added support for admins to delete users in their teams



  • Added support for ZFS on older Ubuntu (10.04)
  • View and manage pending users in the desktop AeroFS UI
  • Better support for unsyncable files
  • UI/UX improvements (links to support articles, dialog tune ups, and improvements)


  • Various new transactional emails
  • Various improvements to the "Transfer Diagnostics" dialog
  • Improvements to the "Managed Shared Folder" dialog
  • Other UI/UX improvements and small improvements on the desktop and Web UI


  • Initial introduction of read-only roles
  • Various UI improvements on the web
  • Various networking improvements


  • Debian packages are now compressed with bzip2 rather than xz for Ubuntu 10.04 compatibility
  • OS X installs upgrading from 0.4.210 should now pass a codesigning check
  • General network improvements


  • Networking improvements
  • OS X Improvements


  • Various GUI improvements
  • Minor improvements to Jingle networking transport


  • Minor improvements to networking stack


  • Major overhaul of the networking subsystem (should result in improved performance in cases of AeroFS syncing behind NATs)


  • Minor UI improvements and text updates


  • Minor improvements


  • General networking improvements
  • Improve UAC message in Windows installation process


  • Minor improvements


  • Transfer dialog improvements


  • Large uploads should be sped up due to better chunking


  • Significant improvements to transfer speeds between clients on a LAN (as much as a 3x speed improvement)
  • GUI: UI improvements related to displaying error messages
  • Various improvements to syncing of files that are constantly updated (e.g. log files)


  • Improved transfer speed between clients by ~15% by pipelining streams
  • Improved transfer speed between clients who use WAN as a transport


  • Improvements to AeroFS Relay Server


  • Transfer Dialog improvements


  • Allow Team Servers to perform an Unlink directly from Native client


  • Minor improvements to shell extension
  • Improved Daemon startup time
  • Prevent duplicate scanning of the AeroFS folder on first launch
  • Various improvements to the networking code
  • GUI: Minor clean up in Sync History dialog
  • Abort downloads when the user uses selective-sync to remove a folder


  • Various networking improvements


  • Detect missing AeroFS Folder
  • Various server-side improvements


  • Minor improvements to AeroFS Tray Icon
  • Improved notifications for file updates


  • Updated misc support URLs


  • GUI: users can now disable/enable sync history in their Preferences
  • GUI: Minor improvements to transfers dialog (stale data)
  • Improvements to SSL handshake speed (reduced timeouts)


  • Security: Released a new AeroFS CA
  • Added connectivity information to the Transfer Dialog
  • General minor UI improvements in various dialogs
  • Minor networking and connectivity improvements


  • Improvements to detection of modified files on all platforms
  • Full read/write Team Server storage available in new installations


  • Add tray icon support via libappindicator for Linux (Ubuntu 13.04 requires this)


  • Team Server improvements


  • Improvements to aerofs-sh prompt


  • Team Server optimizations


  • Decrease network and client thread count
  • Decrease linux package size


  • Unify and into one website
  • Add ongoing transfers dialog to client
  • Android Support


  • Pricing announced
  • GUI client dialog improvements
  • Add option to disable history for block storage in Team Server
  • Performance improvements to network subsystem
  • UI improvements for the web interface


  • Windows desktop icon improvements


  • Lots (and lots) of UI improvements on the web interface. Updates to shared folder pages, new admin pages, improved dialogs, etc


  • Clarify language in aerofs-cli and aerofs-sh output
  • AeroFS on Windows no longer installs Java or requires Java to be installed on the system
  • Linux deb package now depends on java6-runtime, not default-jre
  • Performance improvements for shared folders


  • Add ability to toggle filesystem access for Team Server data
  • Web Interface: Remote unlink and erase added for Team Servers
  • Web Interface: UI improvements
  • Performance improvements for when a client is unlinked and reinstalled


  • Web Interface: Layout improvements
  • Security improvement: When javascript is disabled make sure all forms use POST instead of GET on
  • Performance improvements for devices pre-populated with files


  • Minor UI improvements during setup


  • Web Interface: Users can now see devices that have previously been set up
  • Web Interface: Users can now change and update device names


  • Minor performance improvements
  • Web Interface: Users can list the users that have been invited to a shared folder
  • Web Interface: Admins can kick invited users out of a team
  • Web Interface: Minor UI improvements


  • Minor performance improvements


  • Minor improvements


  • Update SSL library to address CVE-2013-0169


  • Improvements to web interface


  • Remove invitation limit


  • Prevent re-download of shared folders on reinstall


  • Improved web interface UI
  • Improvements to network performance


  • Added web interface for new account creation
  • Removed new account creation from desktop client
  • Support ZFS for both OS X and Linux
  • Deleting a shared folder now causes the user to implicitly leave


  • Improved defect report diagnostics
  • UI improvements to web portal


  • Added web interface for joining shared folders
  • Send email to alert user when a new device is installed
  • Simplified menu for shared folders
  • Team Server support


  • Small performance improvements
  • Usability improvements to aerofs-sh interactive sessions


  • Use dolphin as the file browser in KDE (linux)


  • Added aerofs-sh commands for conflict resolution
  • Improved interactive shell for aerofs-sh


  • Cosmetic changes in the AeroFS Finder Extension
  • Cosmetic changes relating to Sync History


  • Conflict Files display a yellow icon overlay and can be resolved through the context menu in AeroFS (either through the taskbar, or by right clicking on the file)


  • Add unicode support for Windows paths in the shell extension
  • Add VZFS support


  • Enable password reset in Setup Dialog


  • Improved user message on the "Apply Update" dialog


  • Make sure Windows Explorer loads the newest version of the shell extension


  • Improved networking stack connectivity


  • Updated OpenSSL Library to 1.0.1c
  • Released a post-install tutorial for Windows and OS X


  • Added support for Sync History dialog that supports browsing, opening, restoring previous file versions store on the local computer. It also supports recursive restoration of deleted files and folders. Available on all the OSes. Accessible through AeroFS tray menu > Sync History.


  • Linux: aerofs-installer.deb now depends on default-jre rather than openjdk-6-jre
  • The AeroFS app is now digitally signed on Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  • Minor GUI improvements


  • Use "aerofsd" instead of "java" as the process name for the AeroFS daemon: If you have a firewall program installed, and manually whitelisted java in the past, please whitelist "aerofsd" instead
  • Implement password reset. Now you can click the "reset password" link in the setup dialog, when "I already have an AeroFS account" is selected


  • Make the role argument in the "invite" shell command optional


  • Pause syncing temporarily via AeroFS > Pause syncing for an hour
  • View and export version histories with aerofs-sh on Linux using commands "ls -h", "vh", and "export -h"


  • Improve handling of name conflicts between files and parent directories on remote devices


  • Add a link to this article in the About dialog
  • Other small UI touchups


  • Minor UI improvements for sync activities on Windows


  • Log and display syncing activities. Available under AeroFS > Recent Activities


  • Highlight files in OS X Finder and Windows Explorer when the user clicks on file change notification bubbles
  • Added a dependency to Debian/Ubuntu packages that could have been missing on very minimal systems


  • Support bind-mounted filesystems and installation on btrfs subvolumes


  • Linux only: implement the ability to recover from OS event queue overflow due to lots of file changes in quick succession


  • The "Move" button on the Preferences page is now available for all the operating systems including Windows


  • Enable the "Move" button in the Preferences page that moves the AeroFS folder location. Available on Linux and OS X. Windows version coming soon
  • On Linux, stop the daemon process when the aerofs-cli process is Ctrl-C'd


  • Use high resolution fonts on Apple Retina Displays



  • UI touchups


  • The first release of AeroFS Beta. Details can be found on our blog.
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