How do I set up my AeroFS Appliance?

1. Double click the downloaded .ova file to import the appliance to the hypervisor. In the screenshot below we assume you are using VirtualBox:


2. Launch the imported VM. Once the launch completes, you should see the following console screen.


3. Open a Web browser and point it at the URL shown in console. If the browser warns about certificate issues, ignore and continue (read about AeroFS security measures here). After uploading your license file, enter a desired hostname. For small scale testing purposes you can simply use the IP address of the appliance, but for large-scale deployment using a unique DNS record is highly recommended. Changing your hostname from an IP to a DNS record will require reinstallation of your desktop clients and re-authentication of your mobile applications.

If you use DNS and you set up DNS right before this step, allow 5 or so minutes for the DNS record to propagate. Pick a hostname wisely as changing it later may require keeping the old DNS record.


5. Next, determine the email server and from where emails from your AeroFS appliance is sent.  For example, if you leave the default email address, all email notifications sent to your users about permissions, new folders, etc. will come from this email.

In addition to this, the email address you enter here is also where users in your organization will submit problems from their AeroFS clients.  When they go to AeroFS main menu > Help > Report a Problem, that issue will be submitted to the email address you've set up here.  


6.  You can upload your own browser certificate to ensure maximum security when your users access the appliance through the Web interface.


7. This final step would take roughly 90 seconds to configure the system and repackage AeroFS application installers--the installers that come with each appliance are re-packaged to only trust that appliance to reduce trust footprint.


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