What are the implications of enabling API access on the AeroFS Hybrid Cloud?

Things to consider when enabling or disabling AeroFS API Access on the Hybrid Cloud:

  1. AeroFS API Access must be enabled to allow authenticated users to access shared files from anywhere using the web client or mobile app.
  2. In order to deliver your files from AeroFS desktop clients to your web browser or mobile app, the files need to be transmitted to the AeroFS servers over a secure encrypted connection before being transmitted to you over a different secure and encrypted connection. As a result, anytime you upload or download a file using the API, there will be a brief window of time during which our API server can see your data.

We do not store any of your data on our servers at any given point in time. Please see our support article on data storage for more details.

Also note that API access is disabled by default in Hybrid Cloud. More information on API access can be found in our enabling API access article.