How Does AeroFS Team Server Manage Data Between Multiple Team Servers?

As of 0.4.184 Team Server has 3 storage options upon installation:
  1. Read/Write-able local storage
  2. Compressed and Deduplicated local storage
  3. S3 storage
If one Team Server runs out of storage space, it does not affect syncing to/from other Team Servers, nor does it affect other Team Servers syncing to S3.
Team Servers duplicate one another, and at present, you cannot choose which folders to sync to which Team Server if all are set up with the same account.
Clients and Team Servers prefer peers on LAN over other types of network connections. However if one machines is searching for a file, and a peer over wifi is available and has the latest file, it will connect to that one, rather than waiting for a peer over LAN to come online.
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