What should I do if I see "AeroFSFinderExtention is in use" while installing?

If you are reinstalling AeroFS on your Mac OS X machine and you see an error message similar to "AeroFSFinderExtention is in use", the solution is as follows:

  1. Open the "Terminal" application using spotlight.
  2. Type the command "killall Finder" and press enter.

    Note: killing Finder will stop the existing AeroFSFinderExtension on your system. The finder extension will be restarted after you have completed reinstalling AeroFS. Killing Finder will also close any open Finder windows and will abort existing file copies or moves. The operating system will automatically restart Finder after it has been killed.

  3. Finish reinstalling AeroFS by copying the AeroFS app to your /Applications folder. Restart AeroFS by double clicking /Applications/AeroFS.app or by running AeroFS via spotlight.
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