Team Server

The AeroFS Team Server is a software package to be installed on regular computers running Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. It is a central repository for your organization's files. All files and subfolders under each users' AeroFS folder are synced to the server. While the AeroFS client application syncs files directly between users (independently from Team Servers), computers running Team Server can:

  1. Act as a central file relay, so that two client applications do not have to be online at the same time to sync files.
  2. Back up your organization's files in case of device loss or other disasters.
  3. Save sync history in a central location for recovery or auditing.

Team Server is highly available

Unlike traditional file servers, Team Server is inexpensive to maintain. Since client applications do not rely on the server,you can run a Team Server on low-cost computers and networks with little impact on overall sync performance. Other users will observe little to zero downtime even if the Team Server is down!

Team Server is low cost

As more users (and thus more devices) share the same dataset, the likelihood of a file being available online from devices other than the Team Server increases dramatically. As a result, as your organization's collaboration demands grow, the requirements on the Team Server's availability and performance remain low. This behavior is in sharp contrast with traditional models where servers are often a bottleneck for the system.

Team Server is easy to setup

Non-technical admins can install Team Servers in under a minute. No public IPs, port forwarding, or bash scripting is needed. After installation, admins can manage Team Servers centrally at

Team Server makes recovery easy

You can install multiple Team Servers for mutual backup and disaster recovery. New servers will synchronize data with other servers and client applications in the same organization. Each server replicates the full data set. Therefore, you can take down any one of the Team Servers and when back online again, it will automatically sync up.

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