How do I designate roles to members of a shared folder?

As of AeroFS update 0.4.212, users of shared folders have three roles, or three levels of access, to shared folders.  The roles are Owner (same as before), Editors (same as before) and Viewers (new as of this update).  See what they mean here

To designate roles for users of a shared folder:  

1.  Sign in to your account on

2.  Find My AeroFS > My Shared Folders on the left hand panel, then find the folder to which you want to make changes

3.  Click 'Manage Folder' to the right of the folder name

4.  From the "Manage Folder" window you can view your own Role, as well as the roles of other users sharing this folder.   At the bottom of the window you can also invite new users to this folder and assign roles to them at the time of invite. 



5.  Click on the Role of the person that you want to designate as either Owner, Editor or Viewer from the drop down menu



6.  Click the Close button when complete.  

Please remember that when a user of a folder is a Viewer, any changes that user makes to a shared folder will NOT be transferred to other users or other devices belonging to the user themselves.  Any changes made by a Viewer are available ONLY on the local device where the changes were created.

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