User experience data collection for the AeroFS Appliance

As a trial user of the AeroFS Private Cloud, you may choose to allow AeroFS to collect data about your experience with the initial setup of your AeroFS appliance. This data allows us to improve the overall installation process of the AeroFS Private Cloud, and is a completely optional step.

AeroFS does not collect data without your consent. Specifically, your AeroFS Appliance sends user experience data only if all the following conditions are met:

  • The appliance uses a trial license as opposed to a paid license.
  • It is the first time the appliance is configured, as opposed to subsequent installations.
  • You allow AeroFS to collect the data on the first Web page of the appliance configuration.

If all these conditions are true, your appliance will sends AeroFS the following data. Note that this is an accurate list of data we collect. We do not collect more than what are described here:

  • We only track the following events.
    1. A setup page is visited. On this event, the appliance sends a string "Visited Page N" where N is the page number.
    2. The "Apply and Finish" button is clicked. On this event, the appliance sends a string "Clicked Apply button."
    3. The apply process completes successfully. On these events, the appliance sends a string "Completed Setup."
    4. An error happened during the setup. On this event, the appliance sends a string "Error on Page N" where N is the page number. Note that the appliance does not send any additional information, including the actual error message.
  • Along with each event, the appliance additionally sends:
    1. The customer ID embedded in your license, which is a randomly assigned integer.
    2. The version of your AeroFS Appliance.
    3. The browser type (Chrome, IE, etc) and OS (Mac OS X, Windows, etc) that is used set up the appliance. This helps us debug browser related issues.
    4. The URL of the page on which the event is sent.
    5. Sending data to AeroFS naturally reveals via TCP/IP the public IP address of the computer where your browser runs.
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