What Is The Difference Between The Canary and Stable Release Channel in Hybrid Cloud?

The purpose of having a Canary and a Stable Release Channel is to improve product stability when we push new updates. The Canary release is a much newer release that is not tested as thoroughly as the Stable release, so it can be vulnerable to failures. Therefore the Canary release is mainly designed for developers and early adopters. The Canary release will also get more frequent updates than the Stable release. Once a Canary release becomes stable, it gets pushed to the Stable Release Channel.

Release Channel

Your AeroFS Desktop Client will be set to run the Stable release by default. If you want to explore the latest and greatest features AeroFS has to offer, simply click on the AeroFS icon > Preferences > Advanced and select Canary in the drop-down list next to Release channel.


After you choose the Canary release, your AeroFS Desktop Client will restart after updating to the latest Canary release.

Note: After upgrading to the latest Canary release, you can always select the Stable release; however your desktop client will not be updated to a Stable release until the currently installed Canary release is pushed out as a Stable release. Do not attempt to downgrade to a previous Stable version, as doing so will cause unexpected behavior and potential data loss.

Canary Once

The Canary Once option is similar to selecting the Canary Release Channel - the only difference is that it is a one-time update to the Canary release. Once the current Canary release is pushed to the Stable release, the desktop client will automatically switch back to the Stable release. This option is intended to give users early access to specific features or bug fixes related to customer support requests, while minimizing the risk of continued use of unstable releases. It is not recommended to exercise this option unless advised to do so by one of our Customer Service Representatives.