What Storage Types Can I Use With The AeroFS Team Server?

Linked Storage

This option creates a readable/writable copy of your organization's files on the team server device. Folder structures are preserved, which means you can browse folders and access files directly from the team server's storage disk.

Block Storage

Block storage conserves disk space by compressing and de-duplicating files. As a result, you will not be able to locally browse files/folders stored on the team server device.

S3 Storage

Data shared by users of the organization is automatically backed up by an S3-compatible backing store. All data stored on the S3 store is encrypted, compressed and de-duplicated.

OpenStack SwiftStorage

Similar to S3 storage, all organization data can be stored on OpenStack Swift. Data is encrypted, compressed and de-duplicated.

We support both basic-auth and keystone-auth for authenticating with your OpenStack Swift cluster or instance.

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