How Do I Configure And Acquire Creds/Config Info For Team Server Installation On Cloudian?

First, you will need to acquire Cloudian software and install it in your data center. Once you have done that, you can obtain the required credentials for the AeroFS Team Server installation as follows:

1. Log into your Cloudian Web interface (the URL here will vary depending on where you installed your Cloudian system).

2. Click on the Data Explorer tab, then under the 'Buckets' panel, click on New. Enter a name for your bucket, choose a region and click on Create.

3. Click on the Account tab > Security Credentials

4. Your access key can be found under the 'Access Key ID' column

5. Your secret key can be obtained by clicking on the View Secret Key link

6. The S3 Endpoint can be obtained from your Cloudian System Administrator. If you are an administrator, log into your Cloudian Web interface under the 'System Admin' group. Then click on the System tab > System Info and the S3 Endpoint will be displayed under the 'Service Information' section.

Now you are ready to set up your Team Server to use your Cloudian bucket for storage.

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