How Do I Completely Uninstall The AeroFS Desktop Client From My Computer?

Before uninstalling AeroFS, you need to unlink your computer first. You can either unlink your computer via your desktop client or via the Web Admin Panel:

To unlink your device via your desktop client:

  1. Make sure your AeroFS Desktop Client is online
  2. Go to Preferences > Advanced > Unlink Computer

To unlink your device via your Web Admin Panel:

  1. Sign into your Web Admin Panel
  2. Click on My Devices (this should list all the devices where you have installed AeroFS)
  3. Find the device from which you want to remove AeroFS
  4. Click on Unlink to the right of the device's name

Now AeroFS can safely be removed from your computer as follows, depending on your Operating System:


  1. Run the AeroFS uninstaller or remove AeroFS using the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Delete the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\AeroFS


  1. Drag the AeroFS application to Trash.
  2. Delete the folder ~/Library/Application Support/AeroFS/


sudo apt-get purge aerofs-installer-0 && \
rm -rf ~/.aerofs ~/.aerofs-bin
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