How Do I Collect Logs From Users' Devices?

Collecting Logs

There are two ways in which an IT administrator can collect client logs if a user finds a problem. Either the IT Administrator can have the user report the problem via the desktop client, or, the IT administrator can obtain logs directly via the 'Collect Logs' web interface.

User Reported Problem

When users report problems with AeroFS, the IT administrator of the private cloud instance will receive an email notification. Clicking on the link contained in the email will direct you to a log collection page.

The user's report will already be filled out and the user will already be listed in the select users window. If you wish to collect logs from other users as well, simply click on the Select Users button, enter their email addresses and check the box next to their name.

Directly via the 'Collect Logs' Interface

The IT administrator can also directly access the log collection page without an email from the users. On the AeroFS management interface, the IT administrator can click on Collect Logs under the Maintenance tab to reach the same page that the link in a user generated email provides.

From this page, the IT administrator can choose which users to collect logs from by clicking on the Select Users button, entering their email addresses, and checking the box next to their name. The IT administrator must also write a description of the problem that is being experienced.

Log Collection Endpoint

After the information has been filled out, you can send a command to the selected users' AeroFS clients to upload the logs generated by AeroFS by clicking on the Collect Logs button. The selected AeroFS clients will upload logs when they're online. The command will expire after seven days, so if the clients are offline for more than seven days, the logs will not be uploaded and you will need to re-send the command.

You can either send the logs to AeroFS Support's servers or your on-site server:

Sending logs to AeroFS Support

Your AeroFS Appliance will send a command to AeroFS clients running on the selected users' computers, and the desktop clients will upload the logs directly to AeroFS Support. A support ticket will also be created and AeroFS Support will be in touch with you shortly to resolve the problem.

Sending logs to your on-site server

You can deploy an on-site log collection server and have AeroFS clients send logs to your on-site server instead of AeroFS Support's servers. With this option you can examine and filter the logs, control what information is divulged to AeroFS Support.

Once the logs are sent to your on-site server, you can contact AeroFS Support for further assistance. In most cases, AeroFS Support will need the logs to identify and resolve the problem.

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