How Do I Upgrade My AeroFS Appliance Using the Manual Upgrade Process?

To manually upgrade your AeroFS appliance software and take advantage of the latest and greatest AeroFS features, please follow the steps outlined below.

Before you start, you will need the latest AeroFS Appliance OVF image or RAW image, which can be obtained via our Private Cloud Administrative Panel.

Upgrading the AeroFS Appliance

  1. Log into the Appliance Management Interface
  2. Click on the Upgrade link and click on the Download Backup File and Shutdown Appliance button.
  3. Click on Download Completed, Shutdown Appliance. Do not delete the old AeroFS Appliance until the new one is working.
  4. Start your new AeroFS Appliance using the virtualization software of your choice (see our support platforms document for more information). The screenshot below assumes you are using VirtualBox.
  5. Once the launch is complete, you should see the following console screen. Configure your network settings as desired. If you are using Amazon EC2 or OpenStack, configuring your networking settings on the console will not be necessary.
  6. Point your browser to the IP address shown in the AeroFS Appliance console screen. Upload your license file and click Continue.
  7. Click on Restore from Backup and select the backup file that was downloaded previously and click Open.
  8. You should see the following screen after the system has been restored from the backup file. Click Continue and navigate through the entire wizard, all the way to the desktop client customization step. At this point, you may need to redirect your old DNS record if you change the IP address of your appliance.
  9. The system initialization may take up to a few minutes to complete. You will get a "The System is ready!" message upon successful configuration.
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