How do I launch my AeroFS Appliance in Amazon EC2?

The AeroFS Private Cloud appliance can be launched directly via the Amazon Marketplace.

It is recommended that you configure an AeroFS specific security group prior to launching your appliance instance. For more information, please see our port description article.

Alternatively, the AeroFS Private Cloud appliance can be launched in Amazon EC2 with CoreOS-CloudInit.

  1. Log into AWS.
  2. Click on EC2.
  3. Click Launch Instance.
  4. Click Community AMIs and search for the latest stable CoreOS release.
  5. Click Select next to the 'paravirtual (PV)' AMI.
  6. Select m3.medium as the instance type.
  7. Click Next: Configure Instance Details.
  8. Configure your network settings.
  9. Click Advanced Details.
  10. Copy/paste the contents of the cloud-config.yml file into the 'User data' field as text.
  11. Click Next: Add Storage.
  12. Set 'Size' to at least 50GB.
  13. Click Next: Tag Instance.
  14. Give your EC2 instance a name.
  15. Click Next: Configure Security Group.
  16. Click Create new security group and add the required ports. Alternatively, you can use the same security group that you used for your previous appliance.
  17. Click Review and Launch then hit Launch.
  18. Select the appropriate key pair and hit Launch Instance.

Your instance should now appear in the EC2 Dashboard as a running instance. Once your instance launches, point your browser at the IP assigned to the appliance. After the initialization is complete, you can proceed to set up your appliance.

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