How do I add users to my AeroFS Private Cloud?

Once your AeroFS Appliance is installed and running, you will be prompted to create the first user. This person is the first member and an admin by default, and it will probably be you (the person who is setting up the appliance).

How to invite users

After you add the first user, they will need to verify via their email. Once they complete sign up, that user will be able to control and provide oversight for the rest of the organization's users and the organization's data.

To add more users from your organization, navigate to "Team Members" and complete the Invite People to Team field.

If you have chosen to integrate with LDAP or ActiveDirectory, no need to invite your users from your organization here. They will be able to sign into AeroFS directly by going to your appliance's Web interface and start using AeroFS. This is a great time to announce the implementation of AeroFS within your organization, if you haven't done so already.

Who can you manage

Within your Private Cloud, every user connecting to the appliance is part of your organization. This includes both:

  • users who are within your organization - such as those you have authorized using LDAP or AD integration, and most likely users who share an email domain with you, and
  • users outside of your organization that you want to share with - such as vendors, partners, and clients.

As the organization's admin, you have oversight over everyone including internal or external users you invite.

For more information on LDAP and other account management types, please check out managing user accounts in the AeroFS Private Cloud.

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