How Do I Deploy An On-Site Log Collection Server?

Sometimes sending logs directly to AeroFS isn't an option due to privacy, security, or compliance reasons. In these cases, you can deploy an on-site server and send AeroFS client logs to that server instead.

To deploy an on-site server:

  1. Contact us to obtain the installation package. We currently provide a Debian software package.
  2. Install the package on a server. We recommend and support Ubuntu 14.04.
  3. Read the included README file.
  4. Set up and configure the server. The package contains a script to automatically set up the server with default settings.
  5. Start the service, run the test, and the server is ready to go.

You are now all set up to collect logs from users' AeroFS clients and store them on your on-site log collection server. AeroFS client logs can potentially be large, so the server may have high bandwidth and disk usage. Please take that into account when allocating your computing resources.

Once the server is deployed, you can collect client logs and send the logs to the on-site server.

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