How Do I Launch The AeroFS Appliance With Docker?

There are two ways to launch the AeroFS Appliance using Docker:

Method 1: For Linux Machines

If you are installing the Appliance on a Linux machine, use the script to launch the Appliance. After approximately 15 minutes, it will print Running on

Once you point your Web browser to your machine's IP address, begin setting up your appliance.

Method 2: For Users with a Public Cloud Hosting Platform

The second is if you are using a public cloud hosting platform (i.e. Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure, etc.) running CoreOS. It allows you to deploy AeroFS in one cick and uses this cloud-config file. For example, if you are using Digital Ocean, set-up using these steps:

  1. Create a Droplet and give it a name.
  2. Select the CoreOS image of your choice.
  3. Paste the cloud-config file.
  4. Point your browser to the droplet's IP address to initalize the system
  5. Watch AeroFS get installed!

After installation, a web interface should be available at http://<ip> with which you can begin setting up your appliance.

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