How Do I Obtain a Signed Certificate and Key for My AeroFS Appliance?

In order to obtain a signed certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) such as Verisign, you need to provide the CA with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). There are many different ways to generate a CSR, but here's a way to do it using the OpenSSL command line tool.

  1. Generate a key:
    openssl genrsa -out host.key 2048
    Keep your .key file in a safe place - you will need to upload it to your Appliance later.

  2. Generate a CSR:
    openssl req -new -key host.key -out host.csr
    Make sure to set Common Name (CN) to the hostname of appliance.

  3. Send the .csr file to your CA (i.e. Verisign, GoDaddy). The CA will use your CSR to issue you a signed certificate (.crt file).
Now you are ready to upload your certificate and key to the AeroFS Appliance.
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