How Do I Configure Disk Caches To Correctly Run The AeroFS Appliance in Hyper-V?

Using Hyper-V to launch the AeroFS Appliance results in slower MySQL database queries as compared to launching the Appliance in other hypervisors (e.g. VirtualBox, VMWare) due to a poor interaction between Hyper-V, MySQL, and Linux. The slow queries can cause degraded performance of the appliance, which can lead to failure during appliance setup. By changing the disk cache configuration you can fix the aforementioned performance issues.

Please follow the steps below to change the disk cache configuration of your AeroFS Hyper-V system.

  • Go to Disk Management on your Windows machine by using Windows+R to open Run and typing "diskmgmt.msc" in the empty box and click "ok".
  • Right click the hard disk where your appliance is stored, and click Properties .
  • Click the Policies tab.
  • Under Write-caching policy check the checkboxes for Enable write caching on the device and Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device.
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